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Designing, Writing Systems, and Graphics for Media


Hello! My name is Tasha Vong, I'm a creative writer, game producer, designer and UI designer born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I aspire to develop deep and meaningful narratives to inspire, teach and help individuals through a variety of different media outlets. I specialize in writing comedy, slice of life, young adult, crime, horror and drama.


Currently, I am working on my solo game development project, Interchangeable which you can read about here. I am also a graduate of Game Design at Conestoga College. After graduating, one of my fellow colleagues and I developed our own game company, Hizashi Games. Together we are prototyping our concepts for an amazing debut title!

I am proficient in the following programs: Jira, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity and more. I am tech-savvy and can learn programs quickly. I can work under pressure, in teams or independently and take passion into my work.


You can contact me through email or LinkedIn, linked at the bottom!

a photo of Tasha Vong, girl with long black and brown ombre hair sitting on pavement wearing a denim jacket and jeans
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