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"Kill him, Lihan."

Duality is an interactive narrative produced by me! This project is on hold, I had developed it a few years ago with a focus on creating a character with internal conflict.

You play as Lihan, a nurse who returns to his hometown after being transferred to a new hospital. In his youth, his parents were killed in a tragic accident, causing him to develop an alter ego named Lei. Lei is nothing like Lihan, he is the vulgar, ruthless and highly irritating guy that no one wants around. In this story, he and his co-worker Caitlyn go on an investigation to find the truth behind the death of his parents, all while Lei joins the adventure.

The following is a demo for the end of the story. There are few endings, so feel free to try more than once or backtrack!

Roles: Narrative Design, Traditional Storytelling,

Branching Narrative

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