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“I’m not going to continue if my friend is not at my side. Achieving everything is worthless if you don’t have friends to share it with, or anyone to express sentiment or happiness."

Interchangeable is my current game writing project. It features Tatsuya and his seven friends as they go on a journey of redemption after a traumatic event in his youth.

Since this is a work in progress there will not be any samples until an alpha build is released.

Roles: Game Design, Scriptwriting, Producer, Graphic Design, UI, Narrative and Branching Writing

Project Information

UI Mockup

Interchangeable is designed to be a multi-pathed visual novel, developed for both English and Japanese audiences. It's a solo development project for now until the main scripts are written.

I developed a sample for a dialogue box. Character design is through CHARAT. Click to view high quality.

UI of a dialog box for visual novels
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