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“You cannot just overwrite what we know. What we’ve been doing.”

NaCo is the sequel to A1! It features everyone (minus some due to story spoilers) investigating NaCo, a pharmaceutical company who specializes in creating vaccines. After the NaCo incident in The Purge, Edin and his team investigate the thorough web that tied NaCo, A1 and their former colleague together.

The following is a refreshed sample as well as the old version of Chapter 1.

Roles: Producer, Scriptwriting, Narrative and

Branching Writing


A1 is the second story of the series. The Purge is the prequel and NaCo is the sequel. The protagonists of The Purge do not appear in A1's story but showcases how Edin ends up in the NaCo case.

The Purge (Sean/Irene) -> A1 (Edin, Chloe, Tara, Alex) -> NaCo (Full cast, with exceptions)

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