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A Documented Series: Define Success - 3

(I wrote this part yesterday.) I didn't think I would write more today, but after doing some research I felt the need to report it. While big accomplishments in life can take time, sometimes the little things are what we can easily achieve. I wanted to find a way to help out on a daily basis and through a few websites I found a few things I'd like to try and encourage you to do as well.

Donate blood, unused items, clothes etc.

A curiousity of mine was always what my blood type was. Not only in case I need the blood from an accident but just wanting to know as there have been studies that indicate your blood type is linked with your personality (most of which don't have a correlation, but I like to read on it anyway.) I also have been wanting to purge my stuff as per last post. I admit being a collector of fan merchandise, games and other odds and ends have been fun, I think limiting it and selling it to those who still collect may be the better habit (plus saving money.)

Cleaning up trash.

I do this a lot at work, even in off hours. I care about the space I work in and wish others would too. As much as I sound like a cranky old lady complaining to the youth (I'm 21 by the way) saying they should clean up after themselves, I simply say it's because I care. Trash outside is sad for the animals, dogs, cats and the pride of this country, the Canada Goose.

Gift something.

Money, food, extra bottle of water, it can make someones day.

Advocating and participating in events.

As a teenager one thing I loved to see was women in STEM, specifically in game development. I aspired to follow their path and continue to advocate for minorities to get into STEM. Aside from encouraging youth, I want to find how to better advocate and help build that change. Also conferences or fundraising events usually need help, so doing my best I hope to continue creating that movement.

If anyone knows of international or organizations in Ontario in relation to STEM, let me know what I can do, I shall try my best!

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