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The Purge

"Irene, stay back!"

The Purge is the prequel and the starting point of my three-part series. This particular story features a couple who works at a pharmaceutical company called NaCo developing vaccines and cures for a prion disease H212. However, while in the development to combat this violent disease, they end up trapped in a testing facility where they are subject to heinous experiments. Throughout this thriller, you have the choice of playing between Sean or Irene and figuring out the horrors behind NaCo.

Roles: Producer, Scriptwriting, Narrative and

Branching Writing


A1 is the second story of the series. The Purge is the prequel and NaCo is the sequel. The protagonists of The Purge do not appear in A1's story but showcases how Edin ends up in the NaCo case.

The Purge (Sean/Irene) -> A1 (Edin, Chloe, Tara, Alex) -> NaCo (Full cast, with exceptions)

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