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V1 is an indie racing game, currently being developed with a small team. I am the producer for this project, but I mainly work on UI and marketing concepts. Below is a link to download our Beta version. You can also see below the current marketing concepts and UI designs that were concepted for this project.

Also linked below is our game page! We have our trailer, additional screenshots and a press kit. I helped develop our social media pages/posts, the website itself, the Korean trailer and compiling our marketing together.

Roles: UI and Producer.

UI Designs

Originally we went with a pixel art design. We wanted to have a sci-fi look, so I picked vibrant colours to give it that feel. This was my first time working with pixel art and specifically doing pixel art UI, so a revamp needed to be done to adjust for the project's visual requirements. Later on, we decided to go for vector art (my main focus) and then we did a rehaul to have consistency with the game assets. 


For marketing, we wanted to create a trailer with two characters/personalities. One person who is chill and the other who is more, abrasive to say the least. They would go back and forth, bantering about the features in the game. I created the Korean version of the trailer (I am not a localizer, but I tried my best to make it as accurate as I could.) All the marketing promos with a call to action (linked below) were done by me. 

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