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"I have to do what I have to do to get information, obviously it’s not personal. It’s just business."

A1 is a crime RPG focusing on the terrorist group A1. The story features federal agent Edin, a profiler sent to join a team of three to solve the case. You play through his journey going to crime scenes, participating in interrogations and arresting criminals. The story allows you at a point to switch to any of the four protagonists (Alex, Tara, Chloe or you can stay as Edin.)

Roles: Game Design, Scriptwriting, Producer, Graphic Design, Narrative and Branching Writing


A1 is the second story of the series. The Purge is the prequel and NaCo is the sequel. The protagonists of The Purge do not appear in A1's story but showcases how Edin ends up in the NaCo case.

The Purge (Sean/Irene) -> A1 (Edin, Chloe, Tara, Alex) -> NaCo (Full cast, with exceptions)

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